Early Years

Mrs Myers (Puffins’ Teacher)

Miss O’ Connell (Teaching Assistant)

Ms Nunes (Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs  Jones (Foundation Phase Senior Manager and Penguins’ Teacher)

Mrs Hall (Parrots’ Teacher)

Mrs Davies (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Hack (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Wright (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 and 2



Mrs Roberts  (Year 1 Owls’ Teacher)

Miss Wright (Year 1 Wrens’ Teacher)




Miss Maddock (Year 2 Sparrows’ Teacher)

Miss Davies (Year 2 Robins’ Teacher)

Mrs Williams (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Talkowska (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3 and 4

Mrs Astbury (Year 3 Clywedog Teacher)

Ruth Edwards (Year 3 Taff Teacher)

Mrs Wilkinson (Year 4 Alyn Teacher)




Mrs Worsnip and Mrs Chapman(Year 4 Conwy Teachers)

Mrs Robinson  (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Stratford (Teaching Assistant)



Year 5 and 6

Mrs Sinclair (Year 5 Dovey Teacher)

Mrs Robertson (Year 5 Gwenfro Teacher)

Mr O’Toole (KS 2 Senior Manager and Year 6 Gwaun Teacher)




Miss Gillett (Year 6 Dyfrdwy Teacher)

Miss Trawally (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Williams (ALN Co-ordinator)




Mrs Shaw (Intervention Teacher)




Mrs Pugh (School Secretary)





Mrs Davies (School Secretary)




Mr Staziger (School Caretaker)